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Porterhouse Steak: What Is It Again?

image of Porterhouse Steak on the grill
image of Porterhouse Steak on the grill

Classic Porterhouse Steak

A Porterhouse steak is actually two steaks in one since it is made up of two different cuts separated by one “T-Bone”.

A Porterhouse steak is also the largest type of T-bone steak, a lot bigger than the size of the cut that is actually known as a “T-Bone” steak.


Best Microwave Oven? We Can Help You Decide Here By Category

You may be looking for the best microwave oven, but are realizing in the search that there are a lot of different types of microwaves to choose from.


So, You Want A Kitchen Upgrade?

Kitchen Rendering

Depending on your budget, a kitchen upgrade can be fairly straight-forward and even done yourself. Then again, it may involve multiple contractors and hundreds of thousands of dollars.Continue