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Have You Ever Wanted To Create A Dinner Group? Let’s Start One!

Dinner Party

Three Rotating Dinner Group Ideas

So, you’ve just spent way too much money and months of living in the other side of the house to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Now what?

image of our virtual kitchen at Continue

Test Your Foodie Knowledge With This Quiz!

Interested in seeing how you might do in a quiz designed to test your “foodie” knowledge?

image of artfully arranged food servings on a black table


Have You Ever Wanted To Have An Herb Garden?

Herb Garden

image of a sign that reads "we are in the garden..."

Why would you ever want to set up an herb garden?


So, You Want A Kitchen Upgrade?

Kitchen Rendering

Depending on your budget, a kitchen upgrade can be fairly straight-forward and even done yourself. Then again, it may involve multiple contractors and hundreds of thousands of dollars.Continue