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Just How Many Tablespoons Are There In 1/4 Cup Or In 1 Cup?

So, you can’t find your cup measuring cup or you just need to know, how many tablespoons are there in 1/4 of a cup?measuring cup











Short answer: There are 4 level tablespoons in 1/4 cup, so a full cup has 16 level tablespoons.

This measurement applies to dry ingredients like flour, salt, and sugar. The same principle applies to wet ingredients, but these liquid ingredients are probably easier to measure with a measuring cup. If you don’t have one then now you know that you’ll need 4 level tablespoons.

Keep reading for a lot more information and to skip to any section in particular, use the table of contents below or click to hide it.


How Long Does Salmon Last In The Fridge Before It Goes Bad?

The last thing that you want to eat is spoiled salmon. It has a limited life when stored and it is important to understand “how long does salmon last in the fridge”?

whole pink salmon

We will clarify that question and many others you might have about storing salmon.


How To Reheat Pizza: It’s Not So Simple So Try These Five Ways

You may have some leftover pizza in your refrigerator but don’t want another cold crusty pizza slice if you can wait just a bit.

Cold Pizza Ready To Reheat

This time with a little patience, you’d like to restore your pizza’s flavor to what it tasted like when it was a freshly baked pie, at least as much as possible. So how to reheat pizza? Which way to reheat pizza works best?

There are several popular methods used for reheating pizza, some more well-known than others and some that are just not good.

We’ll explore five methods to reheat pizza and let you know what we found out in doing it because knowing how to reheat pizza can save your taste buds from the very muted flavor of cold pizza.


What If You Need A Chicken Broth Substitute? Here Are 10 That Should Work For You

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is a healthy, tasty, and essential ingredient to many meals but sometimes you need a chicken broth substitute. Broth is a pantry staple that should always be on hand to improve the flavor profile of your cooking.

Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth

It can also be hard to make from scratch so we will take a look at a few alternatives to make life easier while still keeping your cooking healthy and delicious.


Have You Ever Wanted To Create A Dinner Group? Let’s Start One!

Dinner Party

Three Rotating Dinner Group Ideas

So, you’ve just spent way too much money and months of living in the other side of the house to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Now what?

image of our virtual kitchen at newkitchenlife.comContinue

Test Your Foodie Knowledge With This Quiz!

Interested in seeing how you might do in a quiz designed to test your “foodie” knowledge?

image of artfully arranged food servings on a black table


Have You Ever Wanted To Have An Herb Garden?

Herb Garden

image of a sign that reads "we are in the garden..."

Why would you ever want to set up an herb garden?


So, You Want A Kitchen Upgrade?

Kitchen Rendering

Depending on your budget, a kitchen upgrade can be fairly straight-forward and even done yourself. Then again, it may involve multiple contractors and hundreds of thousands of dollars.Continue