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The Vitamix 750 Professional Series Heritage Blender: How Good Is It?

The Vitamix 750 Professional Series Heritage Blender is one of the Classic G-Series of Vitamix, a classic style stainless steel blender without any digital displays or complicated programs, just a manual mode and 5 pre programmed settings.

The Vitamix 750 blender also comes with a fairly powerful blender motor and a solid reputation by professional chefs.

image of the Vitamix Heritage 750 blender

Credit: Vitamix

The current version of the Vitamix 750 is the Heritage Collection. The Heritage Collection is quieter than the older Vitamix 750 that it replaced in 2016, and also includes design improvements to the blender base, blender container, and blender blades. More details about these upgrades follow in the review.

If you’re in a hurry you can see the Vitamix 750 now on Amazon here, or alternatively directly with Vitamix here for free shipping, special offers and current pricing.

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Use the table of contents below to find any specific details that you need to understand right now. Otherwise, just keep reading.

Where Is Vitamix Based And Who Owns It?

Vitamix is based in the United States, just outside Cleveland in Olmsted Township, and manufactures its blenders there too. Vitamix has been located there since 1946 and has been owned by the same family since it was founded by William Grover Barnard in 1921.

This privately-owned company is also a pioneer in blending since Vitamix started making blenders in 1937 and emphasized the Vita, or “Life” nutrition that comes from blending whole foods. Vitamix popularized making ice cream, soup, fine grains and dough kneading in their blenders.

Vitamix even apparently made the first infomercial in 1949 when founder William Barnard pitched his blenders on television for the first time.

The company has grown over time by adding new products and even commercial blenders to corporate customers like Starbucks and McDonalds. A lot of professional chefs choose Vitamix blenders, and especially Vitamix Professional Series 750 blenders, for their kitchens.

Vitamix is now headed by William Barnard’s great-granddaughter, Dr. Jodi Berg, making her the fourth generation from the Barnard family to lead Vitamix.

Other Vitamix Blender Reviews

We have also reviewed the Vitamix 750 with other blenders including other Vitamix blenders, and you can see that best blenders review here. Another review here compares the Vitamix Professional Series 750 to the Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense Kitchen System.

We have also reviewed the lower-priced Vitamix Explorian E310 here, the Vitamix Explorian E320 here, and the Vitamix 5200 model in detail here.

The 5200 Vitamix blender is lower priced than the Vitamix 750 and has fewer features and less power than the Professional Series 750.

Another option if you prefer wireless technology and auto-detect containers at around the same price is the Vitamix A3500 reviewed here, it has wireless connectivity in addition to pre-programmed blending modes that allow you to control it with an app. Or even take a look at comparable models by Wolf Gourmet here.

Vitamix 750: What Changed From The Last Version?

The Vitamix 750 Heritage Blender is a recent upgrade (2016) over the older Professional 750.

It’s quieter than the older 750 version and has a new Tritan™ blender low profile 64 ounce container with a new handle design. The low profile container has the same 64-ounce capacity as the older model but is shorter and wider so the low profile 64 ounce container is easier to fit under your kitchen cabinets.

The Heritage version also has an all-metal stainless steel blender base and an added seal to the stainless steel blender blades. The new seal should keep the blades from flaking and chipping over time and was a common complaint about the older model.

What They Don’t Tell You About The Horsepower Motor In The Vitamix 750

Vitamix notes the peak horsepower of their Vitamix blenders, with the Vitamix 750 blender having 2.2 peak horsepower motor. This 2.2 peak horsepower rating is basically just the horsepower motor power when you turn it on before the motor has to spin through liquids and chop food into bits, before any resistance.

The real power rating that matters is the operating power, the power you’ll have to chop up food ingredients. The operating horsepower motor of the Vitamix 750 is based on the rated Watts. The wattage of the Vitamix 750 is 1,440 (120 Volts and 12 Amps).

To convert watts into horsepower, you just have to know that 1 unit of mechanical horsepower is 746 watts. So, 1,440 watts converts to 1.93 operating horsepower, a 1.93 horsepower motor as measured by the operating power.

A 1.93 Horsepower motor is still very powerful when blending almost any ingredient that you’d want to blend in your blender. Vitamix is probably trying to compete with blender manufacturers like Blendtec that emphasize the raw horsepower motor in their blenders in stunts like blending an iPhone. There’s really no need to try to blend stuff you wouldn’t want to blend in real life so just know that the Vitamix 750 definitely has enough horsepower.

So What Can You Do With A Vitamix 750?

You probably have at least some idea of what you can blend in your Vitamix 750 based on how you already use your blender every day, but you might not know of at least some other interesting easy to use blender tasks that the Vitamix Professional Series 750 can do for you.

What To Make With Your Vitamix 750 Blender


Nut Butter

Nut butter can be made by the Vitamix Professional Series 750 by grinding any nut you choose with a little oil. Almond nut butter is among the most popular nut butters to make, but any nuts like cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts may be used to make nut butters.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee can be made with any coffee beans you want, but beware that over time some kinds of beans may stain the blender container.


Knead dough by adding basic ingredients and blending them together on “High” speed until a dough ball forms. You can use the standard stainless steel “wet” blade that is included with your blender, but a separate “dry” blade container is recommended if you are going to regularly knead dough with your blender.


You can mill or grind flour in your Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender by starting with whole grain flour until your stainless steel blender blades turn into into a fine powder. Like other dry goods, Vitamix recommends using a separate “dry” blade container for blending flour if you do it regularly in your blender.


Make hot soup in your Vitamix 750 blender, starting with cold ingredients and ending up with hot soup just though the friction of the stainless steel blender blades. Hot soup takes about 6 minutes from a cold start using the pre-programmed Soups mode.

Ice Cream

Simplified ice cream can be made in your Vitamix Professional Series blender by adding milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and ice cubes, blend and taste and experiment with different flavors (read our review of Cuisinart ice cream machines here if you want to make ice cream from scratch).

Non-Dairy Milk

Non-dairy milk can be made with whatever milk-able ingredient you choose in your Vitamix 750 blender, like almonds when mixed with water. Just blend to your chosen consistency., almonds for instance, and some water blended to your chosen consistency.


No surprise that you can make milkshakes with your Vitamix 750 blender, but they really do taste great in the 750 blender.


Sorbets are easy in the 750 blender with your choice of frozen fruit blended to your preferred consistency.


Smoothies are the most common thing made in Vitamix blenders, there are also the most combinations imaginable for smoothie recipes considering all of the vegetables, fruits, seeds, juices, powders, supplements and whatever else you can think of to combine in one drink.


Wholes juices were one of the first things that Vitamix recommended you do with your Vitamix blender, going back to the 1930s, and still very applicable to the Vitamix Professional Series blender. Another good reason to blend is that the important fiber from the fruit is included.


Hollandaise, tomato, pesto, and a lot of other sauces are pretty easy to make in your Vitamix 750 blender.


Batters for pancakes or waffles or whatever other batter you need are nice to make in your Vitamix Professional Series blender since the tougher ones don’t require you to hand beat them forever.


Dips are also a great use for the Vitamix Professional Series blender when you need to bring some horsepower to the task.

Salad Dressing

Add oil, vinegar, or whatever other ingredients you choose to your Vitamix Professional Series blender to make salad dressing.

Food Preparation

You can quickly chop ingredients in your Vitamix Professional Series blender if you decide that you don’t feel like doing it by hand.

Baby Food

The best thing about making baby food in your Vitamix Professional Series blender is that you get to choose the best ingredients for your baby and you can blend to whatever consistency best fits your baby’s eating skills.

The separate 32-ounce BPA free Vitamix 15845 Dry-Grains Container is designed for the Vitamix Professional Series blender motor base and is sold separately. The stainless steel blades in this container are designed to push food away from the blades to prevent clumping and are designed for making doughs, grinding grains, nuts, making batter, grinding coffee beans, and similar tasks. You can see the Vitamix Dry-Grains container on Amazon here.

What Colors Are Available?

There are three color options available for the Vitamix 750: Brushed Stainless Metal Finish, Pearl Gray, and Black. Some colors may not always be available but you can check each one on Amazon below the image for each color.

Brushed Stainless Metal Finish

Vitamix 750 Brushed Stainless Metal Finish image

Credit: Vitamix

You can see the Vitamix 75o Brushed Stainless Metal finish on Amazon here. Or, you can directly on Vitamix here with current pricing and special offers.


Pearl Gray Finish

Vitamix 750 Pearl Gray image

Credit: Vitamix

And, you can see the Vitamix 75o Pearl Gray finish on Amazon here.


Black Finish

Vitamix 750 Black image

Credit: Vitamix

Finally, you can see the Vitamix 75o Black finish on Amazon here. Or, you can see it on Vitamix here and check any special offers and current pricing there.

New Kitchen Life is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

How Does The Professional Series 750 Work?

Starting The Professional Series 750

The Vitamix 750 is pretty easy to operate. One thing that might confuse you is the On/Off switch, it’s not on the face or control panel of the blender, it’s down on the bottom of the blender base, on the lower right side as you face it. It has to be turned on first to power on the blender. The switch is mounted sideways.

On the face or the control panel, the Start | Stop button is one of only three buttons on the blender control panel (see below). Press the Start | Stop button and turn the middle dial from the “stop” position to the left to select one of the pre-programmed settings or to the right to select a manual blender speed. Pressing the Start | Stop button again will stop the blender at any time. If you stop the blender in a pre-programmed setting and want to start it again, just press the Start | Stop button again and the blender will start whichever pre-programmed mode you choose from the beginning.

How Do You Run The Vitamix 750 Manually With Variable Speed?

The middle dial is where you can manually set the variable speed from “1” to “10”, stop (the symbol at the very top or “12-o’clock” position of the dial), and also to select each of the five pre-programmed settings (detailed in the next section). Use the variable speed control dial to choose whichever speed you need. Vitamix recommends starting the variable speed control dial at “1” or the lowest speed before moving up to higher variable speed settings, both to prevent spills caused by sudden high speed acceleration and to put less strain on the blender motor.

The last of the three buttons on the Vitamix 750 control panel is the Pulse button on the left side to operate the Pulse feature. The Pulse feature works in both the manual blender variable speed settings, (1 through 10) and the Automatic settings. The Pulse feature will run the blender for as long as you hold the button down, as soon as you release the Pulse button it stops. In any of the pre-programmed settings, the Pulse feature will cause to blender motor to run at half speed for as long as you hold the button down.


Vitamix Professional 750 Controls image

Credit: Vitamix

One thing to note: as simple as the On/Off switch is to use, Vitamix reminds you to make sure that the variable speed control dial is set to the stop position at the top of the dial before you turn the blender on. Also know that if you turn the blender off in the middle of a blender cycle, the blender will need to reset before you turn it back on. This re-set takes 30 seconds.

What About The Vitamix 750 Pre Programmed Settings?

Each of the five pre-programmed settings can be selected by rotating the dial in the middle of the control panel to any of the pre-programmed setting symbols on the left side of the control panel. Because these settings are pre-programmed, each one will use the blender motor differently in each mode and often at different motor speeds as it blender runs through each pre-programmed setting’s cycle. This professional series blender knows which speeds work best for each pre-programmed setting and it will automatically stop when it’s done.

Vitamix 750 Smoothie SymbolSmoothies – Choose the Smoothie setting to start a cycle that will make smoothies from whatever fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients you choose to make, just let the blender run.

Vitamix 750 Frozen Dessert SymbolFrozen Desserts – Select the Frozen Dessert setting to make sorbets, ice cream and other frozen treats through the automatic blending mode. You may need to use the tamper included with your Professional Series 750 with this mode.

Vitamix 750 Soup SymbolSoups – Choose the Soup setting to make a hot soup in about 6 minutes from a cold start with just soup ingredients and broth. Just start with this mode selected and let the blender do all of work.

Vitamix 750 Puree SymbolPurees – Use the Puree setting to thoroughly blend spreads, dips, baby food and other similar foods (see the list of food ideas above for inspiration).

Vitamix 750 Cleaning SymbolCleaning – Select the Cleaning setting and the Professional Series 750 will run for about 60 seconds and stop when it’s done. Add a few drops of dish soap to some warm water in the container (about half-full). You may need to use a scrub brush to manually clean thick food residues, but the 750 blender 64 oz container is pretty easy to clean with just dish soap.

What About The 64 Oz Low Profile Container?

The Professional Series 750 comes with a 64-ounce low profile blender BPA free container that is designed to fit better under your kitchen cabinets than older, taller, and slimmer versions of this 64-ounce container.

You can see each container side by side in this illustration, the 64 oz low profile container (SHORT in the illustration) on the left, and the 64 oz original BPA free container (TALL in the illustration) on the right.

Vitamix 750 low profile (short) and oringal (tall) containers side by side in this image

Credit: Vitamix

The 64 oz BPA free container is made by the Eastman company for Vitamix in what they call hardened Tritan plastic. It’s durable even though it’s plastic and is designed to last for a long time if in doubt Vitamix gives you a 7-year warranty with your purchase (see the Warranty section below for more information). Hardened plastic is used in just about every blender on the market since its safer than glass if it breaks.

The sealed stainless steel laser cut blender blades are also 4-inches in diameter and are the larger of the two sizes that Vitamix makes (the smaller blades in medium-sized BPA free 48-ounce containers are 3-inch stainless steel blades).

The container lid comes with a two-part lid and a tamper that fits inside the lid to manually break up air pockets or to push stuck ingredients while you are blending. The Tamper Splash Disk that is built into the tamper will keep your tamper from hitting the blender blades so it is safe to use when the blender is running.

image of the tamper working with the Vitamix 750 blender container

Credit: Vitamix

The 750 blender lid plug is one part of the two-part lid and is the small clear plug in the middle of the lid that you remove to allow you to use the tamper. You can also remove the lid plug to add ingredients while it’s running like warm butter slowly added to other ingredients to make a perfect Hollandaise sauce. You can even use the 750 blender lid plug as a cup to pour ingredients into the blender.

The main lid, the other part of the two-part lid is designed to fit deeply and snugly into the blender container to keep it from flying off while blending. The main lid has two flaps on opposite sites of the main lid to more securely hold the lid in place (see the illustration above).

Each container is also marked with hashes down to millimeters to help you measure your ingredients.

Is The Vitamix 750 Container BPA Free?

Yes, the low-profile container that comes with your Vitamix Professional 750 blender is BPA free.

What Is Automatic Overload Protection?

Automatic Overload Protection in the Vitamix Professional 750 that will turn off the blender if it gets too hot from overuse while it’s blending. It stops the motor to keep it from becoming damaged if it’s running too long or ingredients are stuck in the container.

The Automatic Overload Protection will automatically engage by itself if the sensor in the motor gets triggered. If it does, you just have to wait for up to 45 minutes for it to cool down before you can turn it back on.

What Are The Specifications?

Dimensions: 8.5 inches deep, 8.5 inches high, and  7.5 inches wide.

Pre-Programmed Modes: There are five pre-programmed modes in the Vitamix Professional Series 750. They are Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soups, Purees, and Cleaning.

Dimensions With The Container: 8.5 inches deep, 17.25 inches high, and  7.5 inches wide.

Container: BPA-free hardened Tritan plastic.

Blades: 4-inch laser cut stainless steel “wet” blades designed to create a vortex, the “Vitamix Vortex” so that ingredients spin into the vortex and blades from the sides of the blender.

Horsepower: 2.2 peak horsepower (when it starts) and 1.93 operating horsepower (when you’re using it).

Electrical: 120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps in a grounded 3-prong plug.

Cord: 6 feet.

Where Is It Made?: Cleveland, Ohio.

What Comes In Vitamix 750 Box?

The box includes the metal blender motor base, the 64-ounce Low Profile Container with a two-part lid, a tamper designed to fit the container, a recipe book, and a Getting Started Guide.

Is The Vitamix 750 Made Out Metal Or Plastic?

The motor base of the Vitamix 750 Heritage is metal. The older model (before 2016) has some plastic components in the blender base.

What Is Hidden In The Vitamix 750?

The cord that comes with the Vitamix 750 is long, 6 feet, which is nice, but you may not need all of it. If not, there is a cavity underneath the blender base where you can put some (or even all if it’s unplugged) of the cord to keep it out of the way.

image of the bottom of the blender base of the Vitamix 750 blender

The plastic retainers in the cord cavity will hold however much of the cord you tuck underneath the blender securely in place.

Does the Vitamix 750 Have Self Cleaning?

Yes, the Vitamix 750 has a self-cleaning setting (see “Cleaning” in the pre-programed settings section above) that when used with a drop or two of dish soap to a 1/2 container full of warm water is a semi-automatic self-cleaning cycle. Self-cleaning is designed to run the blender motor at the best self-cleaning speed and time to clean the inside of the container.

It is semi-automatic self-cleaning since you still have to add soap and water, and may even have to brush a bit with the motor turned off to remove food ingredients. If you do manually scrub the inside of your blender container be careful not to touch the blender blades, they are sharp! And also make sure that the blender is powered off if you have your hand inside the blender container.

What About The Warranty?

The Professional Series 750 comes standard with a 7-year warranty from Vitamix in the U.S. and Canada. That’s a long time for a small appliance. Most small appliances have only a 1-year or 2-year warranty.

A 7-year warranty also an indication of the quality of the blender, Vitamix is telling you that they expect most of their blenders to last for at least 7 years guaranteeing to fix or replace it if it breaks during that time.

Vitamix will even pay for shipping to and from their repair center, or to ship you a new one if yours needs to be replaced.

The warranty covers wear and tear during the term, but not cosmetic damage, It also doesn’t cover you if you’re using the blender commercially or for “non-household applications”, or if you’re using it to blend iPhones, for example.

You can also buy a 3-year warranty extension directly from Vitamix to extend the warranty coverage to a 10-year warranty.

So What Is Our Recommendation For The Vitamix 750?

The Vitamix 750 Heritage is a quality blender, 5 stars, no question. The 7-year warranty that is included with your purchase is a measure of that quality.

Professional chefs and longtime users love their Vitamix 750 blenders for the way they blend and is by far their best blender. Many people say that Vitamix blenders are the only way that they’ll make their smoothies, for example.

Other customers that had older versions of the 750 have commented that they like the quieter operation of the Heritage version that is now the standard version of the Professional Series 750.

There are certainly less expensive blenders. The Vitamix 750 is among the most expensive blenders on the market. So, if you’re cost-conscious then you might want to look at a cheaper blender.

If the immediate cost is not as much of an issue for you then we highly recommend the Vitamix 750. It’s like most anything else, you get what you pay for.

If you think about how long you’re likely to use this blender compared with a cheaper one, then the Professional Series 750 is probably going to cost you less than a lower-priced blender based on the annual costs of each one and is well worth the “investment” you make. A less expensive blender may only last for a couple of years, maybe while the Vitamix 750 will last much longer, or at least the warranty coverage will.

There’s also the quality of the product to consider. Based on many happy Vitamix customers, you’ll get smoother smoothies, better blends of soup, creamier Hollandaise sauces, and many other things than you would with a lower-priced blender.

You can see the latest pricing, available color options, and any discounts for the Vitamix Professional 750 on Amazon here.

If you’d like to buy it directly from Vitamix, you can go to this link here and look for current pricing and any special offers.

New Kitchen Life is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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