Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender – Is It Good Enough To Use Every Day?

The Vitamix Explorian E310 is Vitamix’s lowest-priced blender, Vitamix blender blades in a medium-sized container, and is part of the Classic C-Series of Vitamix blenders.

So does that mean it will do what you want your blender to do for your and your daily blending needs?


image of the Vitamix Explorian E310

Credit: Vitamix

We’ll answer that question here and satisfy your curiosity about Vitamix and the E310 at the same time. We have a table of contents below that allows you to navigate to whichever sections of this review most interest you, or you can just keep reading.

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What About Vitamix?

Vitamix has been making blenders for about as long as any company has been making them. It makes its blenders in Olmsted Township (Cleveland), Ohio where it is based. Vitamix has been based in the same place since 1946 and has been privately owned by the same family from the start.

Vitamix’s founder, William Barnard, popularized using blenders to blend nutritious foods and is where the name comes from, “Vita” meaning life in Latin.

William Barnard also starred in what many consider to be one of the first infomercials when he starred in a television commercial for Vitamix blenders in 1949.

Vitamix has been considered a pioneer in using their blenders to make everything from soup to ice cream and as a result, Vitamix has grown steadily over its many years in existence and now sells commercial blenders to Starbucks and McDonald’s in addition to the household blenders that Vitamix sells like the Explorian 310 and 320.

The current head of the company, Dr. Jodi Berg, is William’s great-granddaughter and is the fourth generation to lead Vitamix.

So What Is A Vitamix Explorian E310?

The Vitamix Explorian E310 blender is the lowest-priced Vitamix blender. It’s also very simple to use.

image of the Explorian E310 blender

Credit: Vitamix

The E310 has a fairly powerful motor attached to the same Vitamix blender blade design that you will also find the more expensive Vitamix models. The blender blade design is what makes Vitamix blenders work so well.

The stainless steel blades are designed to create a vortex in the middle of the blender, called the “Vitamix Vortex”, that will pull your blender ingredients away from the sides of the blender container, and into the vortex where the blades can get to work dicing them into creamy liquids.

The blender container that comes with the E310 Explorian is a mid-sized 48-ounce container with 3-inch diameter blender blades.

The large-sized container is 64-ounces with 4-inch blades and is the standard sized container for the Explorian E320 and other models like the Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix Professional 750. You can also read our detailed reviews of some of these other models, the Vitamix Explorian 320 here, the Vitamix 5200 here, and the Vitamix Professional 750 here. Additionally, you can see several blenders reviewed together, including this model and other Vitamix and non-Vitamix blenders here.

So with that, you’ll want to know what kinds of things your Explorian E31o can do every day in your kitchen. The next section below should give you some pretty good ideas.

What Can You Do With The Explorian E310?

You might have a pretty good idea of what you can make with your Exploria E310, but some of these suggested tasks might be new to you and some may inspire you to create something new.

Here Are Some Liquid-Based Foods That You Can Make With The Explorian E310:

  • Soup – You can make hot soup from a cold start with some broth and your choice of soup ingredients. It takes about six minutes to make from start to finish. The soup heats up over that time from the friction of the blender blades with your food ingredients and that heat gets transferred into whatever soup broth you’ve put into the blender.
  • Milkshakes – One of the first things you might think of to make with your E310 is a milkshake. The difference is the creaminess that comes with the “Vitamix Vortex”. Many loyal Vitamix users swear by the quality of the shakes they make with Vitamix blenders. Just add milk, ice cream, ice, and almost any other ingredient to your blender and blend to your desired level of thickness.
  • Ice Cream – You can make a simple version of ice cream by adding milk to milk to some sugar, ice cubes, and vanilla extract. Experiment with additional ingredients like fruit, peanut butter, and nuts.
  • Smoothies – Many people just make smoothies with their Vitamix blenders because they love the creaminess of the blend that the Vitamix blender blades give to their favorite smoothie recipe. The possibilities are almost endless starting with ice cubes and some kind of juice followed by frozen fruit. You can stop there or keep going with herbs, liquid or powdered vitamins, supplements, etc. Many people also opt for leafy greens and other vegetables instead of fruit, and with or without fruit as the base of their smoothie.
  • Sorbets – You also have a lot of different sorbet options that you can make with your Vitamix E310. The options are almost unlimited and based on whichever fruit options that you want to use. Just start with frozen fruit and blend until you reach your preferred sorbet thickness
  • Juice – Whole food juicing is one of the first things that Vitamix did with their blenders starting in the 1930s. Basically blend your chosen fruit or even some vegetables and blend until it’s been “juiced”. There will be residual pulp, but it’s good fiber. If you really want to get rid of the pulp you can always manually strain it.
  • Sauce – All kinds of savory sauces are available for you to make with your Explorian. One favorite is Tomato sauce.  Another favorite is Hollandaise sauce. Sauces, savory or sweet, are something that professional chefs usually use their Vitamix blenders to make in their kitchens.
  • Dips – A great dill dip starts in a Vitamix blender. Add some mayonnaise, parsley, onion, sour cream, dill weed, and salt. Blend it all together until the consistency is right for you. Avacado dips are really fun to make in a Vitamix blender also especially since you can use the Pulse button to control how coarse or smooth you want your dip to be. Play around with your blender to find your favorite thickness.
  • Salad Dressing – Oil and vinegar are the usual starters to start a salad dressing, followed by almost anything, eggs, mustard, anchovies, lemon juice, strawberries, blueberries. apples, etc, etc. Mix and match to even invent a new one. Keep experimenting.
  • Baby Food – Your Vitamix blender is a great way to make your own baby food. The best thing about making your own baby food is that you get to choose the ingredients that you give to your baby to eat. The next best thing about it is that you can choose how thick or thin to make it based on how long you blend your baby food and how much liquid (water) you add to start. Use the Pulse button (see below) to give you the most control in making the baby food that you know your baby will enjoy.
  • Food Prep – You can also use your Vitamix blender for chopping and other food preparation if you just don’t feel like using your cutting board to do it manually.

You can also use your Explorian E310 to process “dry” ingredients like coffee beans, whole grains, and dough, but if you’re going to use your blender for tough jobs regularly, then you should get the 32-ounce Vitamix Dry Grains Container.

Some dry ingredients like spices and coffee can stain your container over time and is another reason to blend everything dry in the dry container.

The Dry Grains container has “dry” blades, marked with a “D” in the picture below. These blades are designed to process dry foods and the blades are configured differently for dry ingredients.

image of Vitamix Dry Blender Blades

Credit: Vitamix

You can see the Vitamix Dry Grains Container on Amazon here.

The standard wet blade container will still work for blending dry goods, it just won’t work as well and may get stuck when trying to knead dough, for example.

Here Are Dry Ingredient Foods You Can Make With Your Explorian E310 Blender:

  • Nut Butter – Blend a creamy butter out of whichever nut you choose with your E310. Just add some oil to your choice of nuts into the blender and blend on high speed until you get the consistency that you want. You’ll have to use your tamper to keep your ingredients from getting stuck.
  • Ground Coffee can be made with any coffee beans you want, but beware that over time some kinds of beans may stain the blender container.
  • Non-Dairy Milk – There are a lot of non-dairy milk options to choose from based on your choice of ingredient. A lot of people like to make almond milk with their Vitamix blenders. To make almond milk, just add water to raw almonds and blend to your preferred level of consistency. You should also use raw almonds for almond milk (or other nuts) and soak them in water, at least overnight for best taste.
  • Dough –  Adding flour, yeast, and salt and blending to your Explorian E310 and blend them together on “High” speed. Then add some hot water and olive oil and use the Pulse button to blend until a ball of dough forms. Then take that dough ball out of your blender and let it rise in a covered bowl for as long as your yeast requires.
  • Flour – Use your Explorian to make flour from grains or nuts by blending at high speed until your flour is finely ground. Make sure to start with enough whole grains or nuts to clear the blender blades.
  • Batter – Use your Explorian to make pancake or waffle (or other) batters that are super-whipped and would require a lot of hand mixing to get the same amount of air in the batter.
  • Ground Spice – Throw in whatever spice you want to grind into your E310, and make sure you use enough whole spices to give your blender blades enough spices to process.

How Do I Use My Vitamix E310?

It’s pretty simple to operate your Explorian E310. There are only two buttons and a dial on the control panel, and one of the buttons is the “On/Off” button. One thing to note, make sure the blender dial indicator is turned all the way to the left, in the “1” position before you turn the blender on.

Once you turn your Explorian on, use that same dial in the center of the blender face or “control panel” to manually increase the blender speed. You can increase the speed from “1” all the way up to “10” by rotating the dial to the right.

E310 Explorian control panel image

Credit: Vitamix

The button on the left side of the control panel, the “Pulse” button, will operate the blender for as long as you hold the Pulse button down. The Pulse button will work at whichever blender speed you’ve selected on the dial, from 1 to 10. Use the Pulse button when you just need a quick chop or blend or use when you don’t know how long it might take to process some ingredients to see how it blends in increments.

What They Don’t Tell You About The Power Rating Of The Explorian E310?

The E310 blender motor is rated at 1,380 watts (120V and 11.5 amps). Vitamix uses “peak” horsepower when describing each model’s horsepower. Peak horsepower is the power that the blender has right when you turn it on before the motor has any resistance to it. Peak horsepower isn’t really much help to you other than if you use it to compare other blenders that are only rated in peak horsepower.

Other Vitamix blenders like the Vitamix E320 or Vitamix 5200 have  2.2 “peak” horsepower, for example. The peak horsepower of the Explorian E310 is 2.0.

The much more meaningful power rating is operating horsepower or mechanical horsepower. Horsepower is calculated by the rated watts. One unit of horsepower is equal to 746 mechanical watts, so 1,380 watts is 1.85 horsepower. so the Explorian E310 has an operating (or useful) horsepower of 1.85.

This is enough horsepower for most blender jobs, but if you know that you’ll need a lot of power in your blending extra-thick ingredients, then you should take a look at the Explorian 320 or even the Vitamix 750.

What Color Options Does The Explorian E310 Have?

The Explorian E310 comes in three colors: Black, Slate (or Gray), and Red.

These colors apply to the area in the blender base around the control panel, above the bottom, and not including the control panel or the lid.

You can see each color option here and use the link below each image to check current pricing and availability on Amazon.


E310 Explorian black image

Explorian E310 Slate image
Credit: Vitamix
Exporian E310 Red image

What About The 48-Ounce Container That Comes With The Vitamix Explorian E310?

The 48-ounce container that comes with the Explorian E310 is mid-sized or medium-sized container compared with the larger 64-ounce full-sized containers that come with the Explorian E320 or the Vitamix 750.
Explorian E310 container image
Credit: Vitamix
The Explorian E310 medium-sized container is a good size for most blending jobs and has the advantage of fitting better under your kitchen cabinets than taller containers since it only measures 18 inches from the bottom to the top of the blender.

You may decide, however, that you need a larger sized container. Vitamix does sell large containers separately but they are not designed to work with the E310 so Vitamix doesn’t recommend using them with the Explorer E310.

If you still want to try using a larger sized container, go with the Classic 64-ounce container for the E310 rather than the low profile 64-ounce container since the Classic container has 2.8-inch diameter blender blades and the low profile container has 4-inch blender blades. The motor of the Explorian 310 is better suited to the similar-sized Classic blades. It should still work with the Low-Profile container but not as well as a more powerful blender motor will.

You can see the Classic Container on Amazon here and make sure that you only use the tamper that comes with that container, not with the 48-ounce container, or vice versa.

The Explorian E310 container has a 2-part lid, one part is a smaller lid that fits inside and is removable from the larger lid, the other part, that covers the top of the blender.
The small part lid is removable so you can insert the tamper into the blender container while blending or to add ingredients while blending. The tamper is something you might use regularly while blending if you’re blending a lot of nut butters, ice cream or other chunky ingredients.
E310 container with tamper image
Credit: Vitamix
The tamper that comes with your Explorian E310 is designed to fit the 48-ounce container and not touch your blender blades while they’re blending by stopping it from going further into the blender with the Tamper Splash Disk (see the illustration above). It’s important to only use the tamper that comes with your E310 since other tampers may be too long and actually hit your blender blades while they’re blending!
The smaller lid can also be conveniently used to pour ingredients into the blender, it’s marked with 1-ounce and 1/2-ounce marks to help you measure them out.
Vitamix 2-part lid image
Credit: Vitamix
The larger part of the 2-part lid is what keeps everything inside your blender while you’re blending. To help it do this, the larger lid has two flaps on opposite sites of the lid to grab hold of the container.

What About The Warranty For The Vitamix Explorian E310?

The standard warranty that Vitamix provides with each Explorian E310 is 5 years. You can also buy an extended 3-year warranty direction from Vitamix
That’s longer than most small appliances but less than the 7-year warranties that Vitamix provides with other blenders. The warranty period is a rough measure of how long each manufacturer expects its products to last, at least.
Vitamix warranties are pretty good, they cover you for a catastrophic failure or just wear and tear over the warranty term. Vitamix even covers shipping to their repair center and back to you after the repair, or replacement if they can’t repair it.
About the only things not covered by the warranty are cosmetic damage and or damage caused if you’re using your blender recklessly or commercially, that is not for home use.

What About Automatic Overload Protection?

Automatic Overload Protection is a built-in feature on the Explorian E310 that will shut off the blender if the motor gets too hot. This might happen if you run the blender too long at high speed, or even low speed (it is better able to cool itself at higher speed).
If Automatic Overload Protection is triggered, your Explorian will shut off and you won’t be able to turn it back on again until it cools off, usually about 20 to 45 minutes.
To keep it from overheating, don’t let it run unattended and use your included tamper to break up air pockets or push anything that gets stuck in the blender into the blender vortex or blender blades.

What Are The Explorian E310 Specifications?

Dimensions With The Container: 11 inches deep, 18 inches high and  8 inches wide

Blades: 3-inch stainless steel “wet” blades designed to create a vortex, the “Vitamix Vortex” so that ingredients spin into the vortex and blades from the sides of the blender

Horsepower: 2.0 peak horsepower (when it starts) and 1.85 operating horsepower (when you’re actually using it).

Electrical: 120 V, 50-60 Hz, 11.5 Amps

Where Is It Made?: Cleveland, Ohio

What Comes In The Vitamix Explorian E310 Box?

The Explorian E310 box includes the blender base, the two-part lid, 48-ounce container, and cookbook.

The Vitamix Explorian E310: Our Recommendation

So is the Vitamix Explorian E310 going to do what you want it to do every day in your kitchen?

Our short answer is yes! That is, yes for most of you blending as we suggest in the section above about what you can actually do with the E310. A lot of happy blending customers swear by their Explorian E310s. Some have even gone back to their Explorian blenders after trying more expensive models like the Professional 750 or the Vitamix 5200.

The Explorian E310 is also the least expensive Vitamix blender. It still creates the important “Vitamix Vortex” that so many users love and believe to be what makes Vitamix blender food taste so good. But, it has a less powerful motor, a smaller container than other Vitamix blenders, and a 5-year warranty instead of 7.

So, if all you really care about is the Vitamix Vortex making great smoothies, nut butters or hot soup, then you probably don’t need a larger container or more powerful motor, or even a longer warranty period and save yourself the extra cost. You can also buy a 3-year extended warranty from Vitamix when you register it to give you 8 years of total protection (a strong recommendation).

Just make sure that you buy the extended warranty right away if you want one since it will cost more if you buy it after more than 30 days from purchasing your Explorian 310.

Go ahead and see latest pricing for the Vitamix Explorian E310 on Amazon now.

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Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender - Is It Good Enough To Use Every Day?

The Vitamix Explorian E310 blender is the lowest-priced Vitamix blender. It's also very simple to use.

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