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Affiliate Disclosure

We link to products and services in our review posts and some of those may be affiliate links. Affiliate links will take you, typically, to a retailer like Amazon. If you make a purchase through affiliate links within a certain time frame, then New Kitchen Life will earn a commission, usually between 3% to 4% of the total purchase price. These commissions are not paid by you, the purchaser, but are paid instead by the retailer where the purchaser buys a product. There is no cost to you, the purchaser.

For instance, one of our reviews of the best high-performance blender will contain a link to purchase the blender on Amazon. If you, the purchaser buy that blender within a certain time frame, we will be paid 4% of the purchase price that you paid. Amazon pays us not you, the purchaser.

These commissions pay for our time and effort in studying the products that we review carefully so that when we recommend a product we are confident that got it right.

Thank you for your support of New Kitchen Life!