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How Long Does Salmon Last In The Fridge Before It Goes Bad?

whole pink salmon

The last thing that you want to eat is spoiled salmon. It has a limited life when stored and it is important to understand “how long does salmon last in the fridge”?

whole pink salmon

We will clarify that question and many others you might have about storing salmon.


How To Reheat Pizza: It’s Not So Simple So Try These Five Ways

Cold Pizza Ready To Reheat

You may have some leftover pizza in your refrigerator but don’t want another cold crusty pizza slice if you can wait just a bit.

Cold Pizza Ready To Reheat

This time with a little patience, you’d like to restore your pizza’s flavor to what it tasted like when it was a freshly baked pie, at least as much as possible. So how to reheat pizza? Which way to reheat pizza works best?

There are several popular methods used for reheating pizza, some more well-known than others and some that are just not good.

We’ll explore five methods to reheat pizza and let you know what we found out in doing it because knowing how to reheat pizza can save your taste buds from the very muted flavor of cold pizza.

Should You Microwave It?

Microwaving cold pizza might be the easiest path to take since it’s fast and almost effortless.

Microwave pizza?

It seems to make sense to use a microwave to reheat pizza since that’s one of a microwave’s basic jobs.

Some like reheating pizza in the microwave with a glass of water or with a microwave-safe mug placed inside the microwave to give the microwave something else to do besides sucking the taste out of your slice of pizza.

Microwaves work by exciting the water, sugar, and fat molecules in food to heat them up, but standard microwaves don’t work well with dense objects like pizza crust, the microwaves don’t go that deep. The water molecules in the crust get “steamed” as they heat up and, depending on how long you heat them, leave your crust soggy, your cheese broken and generally unsatisfying result.

If you keep heating with the microwave, the water heated to steam evaporates and you’re left with the fry remnants of what was.

Some swear that adding a damp paper towel on top of the pizza or under it on a plate will help to fix this problem and you might try it if a microwave is your only option. Try microwave heating in short bursts, until your slice of pizza is just warm enough for you, because the longer you microwave, the worse it gets.

Our microwave reheating pizza experience was not good even with a glass of water thrown in. The pizza was a mush up of hot-cold soft-hard textured pizza that would have been better left cold.

Bottom line: microwave pizza should not be your first choice, read on.

What About Heating Pizza In An Air Fryer?

Air fryers are theoretically designed to crisp and should also work well to reheat leftover pizza.

Air Fryer Pizza

An air fryer uses heated air to crisp food instead of oil and so an air fryer is considered to be a healthier cooking way of crisping food.

One issue with air fryers though is their small size. Some are too small to fit even one slice of pizza, and definitely tough to fit two. Another issue may be that the crisp that the air fryer brings to your pizza may not be where you want it. Instead of just a crisp crust, you may end up with a crisp slice of pizza.

Our air fryer tightly fit a slice of pizza inside it. We liked how it came out but its taste was.

Our verdict: As a way to reheat pizza, an air fryer will work, but if you can use some of the other methods that we describe below, use them instead.

What About Heating Up Your Pizza In A Pan Or Skillet?

A lot of pizza connoisseurs swear this skillet method. They take a nonstick pan or cast iron skillet to reheat your cold pizza directly in the pan or skillet.

reheating pizza in a cast iron skillet

This skillet method may or may not be one that would come to mind, but it’s definitely straightforward with a little bit of technique required in the end.

Another advantage of this method is that you don’t have to heat up your entire oven, just turn on a burner.

Start with one or two slices of cold pizza in your nonstick pan or cast iron pan on medium low heat, and heat your pizza until the crust is showing signs of smoke and is starting to warm. You’ll notice that the cheese and other toppings aren’t heating up in the same way as the bottom crust that is directly in the pan.

This is where the technique comes into play, you’ll need a lid or cover of some kind for your pan and a small amount of water (two drops).

Add the water to your pan and cover your pan with a pan lid or pot lid to trap your burner’s heat in the pan to heat the top of your pizza and remelt the cheese and cover until the cheese is melted.

Many consider this to be the best way to reheat pizza since it’s mostly simple and the pizza is mostly brought back to its original glory.

But others don’t want to have to master the extra step of covering the pan after adding a few drops of water.

We liked it and it worked well for us but it may not be your favorite method. If that’s you, keep reading to check out our other methods.

Our verdict: A hot pan (with a lid) is a great way to reheat pizza if you’re willing to take a small extra step.

So How About Using A Toaster Oven To Reheat Pizza?

Toaster ovens should also be a natural when thinking about how to reheat pizza. It’s basically a small oven, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require you to heat up your main oven.

using a toaster oven to reheat pizza

The problem with this method depends on the size of your toaster oven. Some are too small to fit even the skinniest pizza slices inside them. Others are larger. Like the air fryer, you’ll be lucky to fit a single slice of pizza in most toaster ovens.

But with these size issues in mind, many consider the toaster oven to be the best way to reheat pizza. Starting with a cold slice, a toaster oven will heat evenly and in its relatively small space will do its job pretty quickly.

Our experience was really good, the slice was crispy where we wanted it to be and the toppings were evenly warmed, the cheese was melted and we liked it.

Our verdict: Toaster ovens work well to reheat pizza, but as long as your pizza slice fits inside!

What About Reheating Pizza In The Oven?

Using your main oven for reheating leftover pizza is very simple, very straightforward, and may even have been the first method that comes to mind for many.

rehating pizza in the oven

Many also consider just putting pizza in the oven to be the best way to reheat a slice of pizza or even an entire pizza. You have enough room with a typically sized 30-inch main oven.

That’s also the downside to this method. You’re firing up a cold oven to heat maybe one slice of pizza. Some might think it’s a waste of energy and others may just not want to have a hot oven contributing to the heat of a hot day.

But this method definitely works.

In addition to your oven, use a baking sheet, preferably a rimmed baking sheet to keep any melting toppings in the baking tray or baking sheet and not on the bottom of your oven. You can also use aluminum foil to keep your sheet pan or baking sheet clean.

Then put your pizza slice, sliced or whole pie (again you should have the room) with your aluminum foil covered tray on the middle rack of your oven and start the oven on medium low heat up to medium heat.

Reheat or bake your pizza in the oven until you can it starts to give off that same aroma it had when you picked it up freshly made from your favorite pizzeria.

Then, you can use your oven to make your pizza crispy but not too crispy by moving (careful to use oven mits on the hot tray or sheet) it to the highest oven rack and turning up the heat to between medium high and broil, depending on your oven and how crispy you want your pizza to be. It would only take a few minutes. One way to tell is to watch the cheese. When the cheese on your pizza is melted as you like it to be then it should probably come out.

You might want to use a paper towel to sop up any grease from the cheese, or not, your choice.

For many reheating pizza in the oven is the best way to restore a perfectly crispy crust to pizza since you have a lot of control with an oven with room inside, hot air surrounding your pizza, and can adjust how long you want to spend to reheat your pizza. Shorter time for a softer crust for example.

We loved using the oven to reheat pizza, it came out perfectly heated and crispy in the right places including the crust.

Our verdict: Using your oven to reheat pizza is a great method if you don’t mind turning on your main oven for what might just be one slice of pizza.

So How To Reheat Pizza Best?

It all depends on your available appliances and how motivated you are in trying to restore your pizza to its original cheesy goodness.

all reheating pizza methods by slice

If you’re willing to put in a small amount of effort, the oven method or the pan method works great and between the two, the pan method uses a lot less energy and heat in your kitchen.

Toaster ovens also work well but it’s going to be tough to fit more than one slice inside. If that’s all you want and it fits, then this may be the best method, super easy, and hardly any energy is required by you or your appliance.

Air fry is okay too, but the same issue arises with size and you may even have to jam your slice in to make it fit.

Finally, if all you have to reheat is a microwave, then go ahead and use it, but use it on manual mode and try it for a short time, 30 seconds, then see if it’s warm enough, if not another 15 seconds. Basically, keep your microwave heating time as short as possible!

What If You Need A Chicken Broth Substitute? Here Are 10 That Should Work For You

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is a healthy, tasty, and essential ingredient to many meals but sometimes you need a chicken broth substitute. Broth is a pantry staple that should always be on hand to improve the flavor profile of your cooking.

Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth

It can also be hard to make from scratch so we will take a look at a few alternatives to make life easier while still keeping your cooking healthy and delicious.


Wolf Coffee Maker: Does It Live Up To The Wolf Name?

Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee System

If you are looking for a quality gourmet coffee maker, the Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker is a good option. Don’t just take our word for it. The many positive reviews reinforce this point. It is a top seller and highly rated by many happy customers.

Wolf Gourmet Coffee System

Credit: Wolf Gourmet

Let’s take a closer look at this popular coffee maker with a heavy-duty design. It brews a great cup of coffee and is an easy and efficient system to use.


What Are The Best Microwave Air Fry Combo Ovens In 2022?

Confused about microwaves with or without air frying functions or even trying hard to find microwaves that also air fry? This review selects the best microwaves with air fry functions for several different categories to help you decide which air fry microwave is the best one for you.


Is The Philips 3200 LatteGo Automatic Enough For The Price?

The Philips 3200 LatteGo is a fast and efficient fully automatic espresso machine and is also one of the more moderately priced fully automatic or super automatic espresso machines on the market.

Philips 3200 LatteGo Version

Credit: Philips

It’s a great option if you want a quality coffee drink with minimal hassle and fuss and it’s nice to know that Philips is a trusted longstanding brand.


Vitamix Blender Ideas: Need Some Ideas About What Your Vitamix Can Do?

Now that you have a Vitamix blender or even if you’re considering one and want to know what you can do with it, these Vitamix blender ideas should help.

Some of these ideas may even surprise you or maybe just remind you about the many things that you can make with a Vitamix.

Here Are Some Liquid-Based Foods That You Can Make In Your Vitamix:

  • Soup – You can make hot soup from a cold start with some broth and your choice of soup ingredients. It takes about six minutes to make from start to finish. The soup heats up over that time from the friction of the blender blades with your food ingredients and that heat gets transferred into whatever soup broth you’ve put into the blender.
  • Milkshakes – One of the first things you might think of to make with your Vitamix is a milkshake. The difference is the creaminess that comes with the “Vitamix Vortex”. Many loyal Vitamix users swear by the quality of the shakes they make with Vitamix machines. Just add milk, ice cream, ice, and almost any other ingredient to your blender and blend to your desired level of thickness.
  • Ice Cream – You can make a simple version of ice cream by adding milk to milk to some sugar, ice cubes, and vanilla extract. Experiment with additional ingredients like fruit, peanut butter, and nuts (for real ice cream making options, you can check out our review of Cuisinart ice cream makers here).
  • Smoothies – Many people just make smoothies with their Explorian blenders because they love the creaminess of the blend that the Vitamix blender blades give to their favorite smoothie recipe. The possibilities are almost endless starting with ice cubes and some kind of juice followed by frozen fruit. You can stop there or keep going with herbs, liquid or powdered vitamins, supplements, etc. Many people also opt for leafy greens and other vegetables instead of fruit, and with or without fruit as the base of their smoothie.
  • Sorbets – You also have a lot of different sorbet options that you can make with your Vitamix E310. The options are almost unlimited and based on whichever fruit options that you want to use. Just start with frozen fruit and blend until you reach your preferred sorbet thickness
  • Juice – Whole food juicing is one of the first things that Vitamix did with its blenders starting in the 1930s. Basically, blend your chosen fruit or even some vegetables and blend until it’s been “juiced”. There will be residual pulp, but it’s good fiber. If you really want to get rid of the pulp you can always manually strain it.
  • Sauce – All kinds of savory sauces are available for you to make with your Vitamix. One favorite is Tomato sauce.  Another favorite is Hollandaise sauce (see our Hollandaise recipe here). Sauces, savory or sweet, are something that professional chefs usually use their blenders for, and chefs really like Vitamix
  • Dips – A great dill dip starts in a Vitamix. Add some mayonnaise, parsley, onion, sour cream, dill weed, and salt. Blend it all together until the consistency is right for you. Avacado dips are really fun to make in a Vitamix blender also, especially since you can use the Pulse button to control how coarse or smooth you want your dip to be. Play around with your blender to find your favorite thickness.
  • Salad Dressing – Oil and vinegar are the usual starters to start a salad dressing, followed by almost anything, eggs, mustard, anchovies, lemon juice, strawberries, blueberries. apples, etc, etc. Mix and match to even invent a new one. Keep experimenting.
  • Baby Food – Your Vitamix blender is a great way to make your own baby food. The best thing about making your own baby food is that you get to choose the ingredients that you give to your baby to eat. The next best thing about it is that you can choose how thick or thin to make it based on how long you blend your baby food and how much liquid (water) you add to start. Use the Pulse button (see below) to give you the most control in making the baby food that you know your baby will enjoy.
  • Food Prep – You can also use your Explorian blender for chopping and other food preparation if you just don’t feel like using your cutting board to do it manually.

These dry goods blending ideas will work with your standard Vitamix blender container, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of dry goods blending you should consider buying the dedicated Vitamix dry goods container (you can see them in our review of the Vitamix 750 here or in the E320 here). The dry goods container is designed to more efficiently blend dry goods, and also keeps any stains from coffee, nuts, and other dry goods in a dedicated dry container rather than your “main” or standard wet Vitamix container.


Here Are Dry Ingredient Foods You Can Make With Your Vitamix Blender:

  • Nut Butter – Blend a creamy nut butter out of whichever nut you choose with your Vitamix. Just add some oil to your choice of nuts into the blender and blend on high speed until you get the consistency that you want for your own nut butter. You’ll have to use your tamper to keep your ingredients from getting stuck.
  • Ground Coffee can be made with any coffee beans you want, but beware that over time some kinds of beans may stain the blender container.
  • Non-Dairy Milk – There are a lot of non-dairy milk options to choose from based on your choice of ingredient. A lot of people like to make almond milk with their Vitamix blenders. To make almond milk, just add water to raw almonds and blend to your preferred level of consistency. You should also use raw almonds for almond milk (or other nuts) and soak them in water, at least overnight for best taste.
  • Dough –  Add flour, yeast, and salt and blending to your container and blend them together on “High” speed. Then add some hot water and olive oil and use the Pulse button to blend until a ball of dough forms. Then take that dough ball out of your blender and let it rise in a covered bowl for as long as your yeast requires.
  • Flour – Use your Vitamix blender to make flour from grains or nuts by blending at high speed until your flour is finely ground. Make sure to start with enough whole grains or nuts to clear the blender blades.
  • Batter – Use your Vitamix to make pancake or waffle (or other) batters that are super-whipped and would require a lot of hand mixing to get the same amount of air in the batter.
  • Ground Spice – Throw in whatever spice you want to grind into your E310, and make sure you use enough whole spices to give your blender blades enough spices to process.

You can also tweak some of these Vitamix blender ideas to come up with new ones as parts of recipes you may make regularly or something really creative, have fun.

Can You List 13 Types Of Espresso Drinks Including Those Made With Milk?

Do you know how many types of espresso drinks there are?

It’s hard to name more than two or three straight espresso drinks, and when you add milk-based espresso drinks, maybe you can add to that a Latte and maybe a Cappuccino.

This list of espresso drinks, both straight and milk-based, including photos, thanks to Breville and based on drinks that can be made in their espresso machines (see our review of the Breville Barista Express here), naming them all will also give you a lesson in Italian vocabulary.

The first set of drinks are Espressos, simple straight shots of Espresso.

Can You List 13 Types Of Espresso Drinks Including Those Made With Milk? 1


Ristretto – Italian for “restricted” is a single shot of espresso but with only about half the water of a single espresso shot. The Barista Express does this by interrupting the extraction process after 15 seconds.


image of single espresso


Single Espresso – A single shot of espresso is also known as a “short black” and with the Barista Express you can have one 1 ounce shot in

about 20 seconds.


image of double espresso


Double Espresso – Also known as “double-shot”, the Barista Express will give you 2 ounces of espresso as quickly as 30 seconds.



image of macchiato


Macchiato – Macchiato is Italian for “marked”, as in a mark made with textured milk, about 2 teaspoons, on the surface of the single shot of espresso that you use to make this drink



image of Americano


Americano – Italian for “American”, this drink adds hot water to a double shot of espresso to fill up your glass and make the equivalent of a cup of coffee.



image of Breville coffee

Weak, Strong & Regular Coffee – Combine espresso with water to make a version of coffee with your Breville Barista Express to make coffee. To make a “weak” coffee, use 1/2 shot of espresso, for “strong” coffee, use 2 shots of espresso, 1 shot too for “regular” coffee and add hot water from your


The next group of drinks is all made with heated milk, from your steam wand. With practice, you’ll be able to swirl your milk perfectly into a creamy aerated texture to pour into each of these drinks and top off with artistic micro-foam.


image of Piccolo


Piccolo – Italian for “small”, the Piccolo is steamed milk added to a single espresso shot and topped with foam, which is similar to a latte but with noticeably less milk, so it’s stronger.



image of a latte


Latte– Italian for “milk” when used in a phrase like “caffè e latte” or coffee and milk, which is what it is, or more precisely, it is a shot of espresso combined with steamed milk. You could say that a latte is a Piccolo with about twice as much milk, but most people don’t know what a Piccolo is, while most do know what a Latte is.


image of caffe mocha


Caffe Mocha – Or “Macaccino” is a chocolate-flavored latte. It is flavored with cocoa powder or even liquified chocolate added to the espresso shot, then combined with steamed milk. Usually, a caffe mocha is topped with additional cholate, cocoa powder usually.


image of a flat white



Flat White – A espresso drink blended with steamed or foamed milk served with cup and saucer. A flat white has one shot of espresso like a latte does, but with less foamed milk to fit inside the smaller cup, so that the coffee to milk ratio is higher than in a latte.

image of cappuccino


Cappuccino – A espresso with foamed milk, often more foam than in a Latte, and not as much foamed milk, Cappuccinos originated in Italy and is said to have been named for the brown hoods of Friars Minor Capuchins according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. Cappuccinos are typically served in cups and saucers.


The next two drinks are desserts made with espresso from your Breville Barista Express.

image of iced coffee


Dessert Iced Coffee – To make one version of an iced coffee, start with a single or double espresso into a blender, then add cold milk (about 6 ounces), vanilla flavoring, and 1 scoop of ice cream and blend. Tweak it from there, combinations are just about infinite.


image of a dessert affogato


Coffee Affogato – Italian for “drowned”, affogato can be any liquid poured over food, to “drown” it. As a coffee dessert, pour 1 or 2 shots of espresso over ice cream, then garnish with nuts, or anything else.

Note – all coffee drink photos above, Credit: Breville USA

We hope you found this list helpful, if nothing else it’s a good test of skills to run by your local barista to see if they can make any of the more obscure drinks the next time you’re in your favorite coffee bar.


What Are Best Portable Electric Stoves, Cooktops & Best Burners in 2022?

Portable burners, cooktops, or portable electric stoves can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as camping, catering of functions, or for use at home. We take a look at the best portable electric stoves.

Many brands and styles are available, with an option for just about every need and type of cookware. Setting up your portable burner or portable electric stove is as easy as finding a flat surface within reach of a suitable electric outlet (or gas in one model we review).

Some offer basic warming and cooking of small batches at a cost-effective price, while other electric burners can handle large pots and heavy loads. It is therefore important to consider what you’ll be using the burner for and we will help you to decide in this review.


Best De’Longhi Espresso Machines In 2022 – What Made The List And Why

You want to buy an espresso machine and you’ve come across the De’longhi brand and want to know which are the best De’Longhi espresso machines. They make a lot of espresso machines and each one of them has many features and attributes that can be complicated to understand and leave you confused about which machines you should buy.

This review will help you with all of that. We’ve researched De’Longhi espresso machines thoroughly to narrow them down to the best set of De’Longhi espresso machines. From there, we give you enough information to help you decide which one of this “best” group of De’Longhi espresso machines is the best one for you.


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