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Wolf Coffee Maker: Does It Live Up To The Wolf Name?

If you are looking for a quality gourmet coffee maker, the Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker is a good option. Don’t just take our word for it. The many positive reviews reinforce this point. It is a top seller and highly rated by many happy customers.

Wolf Gourmet Coffee System

Credit: Wolf Gourmet

Let’s take a closer look at this popular coffee maker with a heavy-duty design. It brews a great cup of coffee and is an easy and efficient system to use.

If you want to see how you can buy the Wolf Coffee maker now, you can see it here on Amazon, with the current price, any discounts and extended warranty options.

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Detailed Description Of The Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker

Wolf Gourmet is the small appliance brand of Subzero Wolf, the maker of world-famous refrigerators and ovens. You can see our review of Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven here and the Wolf Gourmet Blenders here.

The Wolf Gourmet Coffee Makers delivers exceptional coffee as a result of optimal extraction, timing, and temperature.

For ease of use, the Wolf Coffee maker is fully programmable. What allows for convenience as well as precision and consistency is the Accu Brew setting. This allows you to program the coffee maker to very specific requirements.

Accu Brew System

The Accu Brew setting features an integrated scale that tells you exactly how much ground coffee to add based on the coffee strength (from Mild to Bold) you’ve selected. This ensures that you’re adding the exact amount of coffee you need and that the water-to coffee ratio is set to your preference for a superior tasting cup, every time.

Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee System disploay close up

Credit: Wolf Gourmet

For those who want more flexibility and control over exactly how much coffee their coffee maker delivers, it also has a manual mode. This will allow you to tweak the settings if and when you desire. This is a feature that is lacking on many automatic drip coffee maker machines (if you want to see some other simpler and less expensive automatic drip coffee makers, see our review of Bunn Coffee Makers here).

For those wanting to save some time, the Accu Brew system will make your coffee automatically for a perfect cup of coffee.

Thermal Carafe

Another great feature is the thermal carafe. It is a stainless steel carafe that not only looks great but is durable and importantly, it has a double-wall design that ensures your coffee stays fresh long after you’ve brewed it. It has a 10-cup capacity which is more than enough for most coffee drinkers and if you need more, just brew another carafe.

Water Reservoir & Water Filter

The water reservoir in the Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee maker is also really easy to remove from the side of the machine, so you can just fill it up directly from your faucet. The water reservoir also includes an integrated water filter to reduce chlorine and improve the taste of your coffee.

Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee System front view

Credit: Wolf Gourmet

Brew Basket

The brew basket is also easy to load. It has a front load brew basket (see photo below) with a smooth-glide design and allows for quick front-loading of the brew basket.

How Does It Look In Your Kitchen?

Most people find the sleek modern design of the coffee system to be attractive, and it should fit in anywhere and look good. It is a compact drip coffee maker and does not take up much counter space.

Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee System in your kitchen

Credit: Wolf Gourmet

The Wolf Gourmet automatic drip coffee makers are easy to identify with their signature large red knobs. These also make the gourmet automatic drip coffee easy to operate. That being said, if you prefer other color options, there are black or brushed steel knobs. You can even switch them out after you buy when you register your Wolf Coffee maker, just call Wolf and ask for different knobs.

Cleaning Cycle

There’s also a Cleaning cycle to keep your Wolf Coffee System free of mineral deposits. It will alert you in the LCD display after 300 cycles to start the cleaning process, including rinsing with vinegar and will take about 30 minutes.

LCD Display Panel

The LCD display panel keeps you informed of everything from your current brew setting to when you need to run the cleaning cycle. It displays a lot of information such as how many coffee grounds you’ve added to the brew basket and whether you need to add more, how many hours since your coffee was brewed, your selected coffee strength and even the current time.

Wolf Coffee Maker Road Test

The feedback and positive reviews speak for themselves. The automatic drip coffee maker will deliver a fine brew of your favorite cup.

Users report that it is fast and efficient as well as easy to use. It is robust and easy to clean.

Best Things About The Wolf Coffee Maker

Apart from making quality coffee and other hot beverages with ease and convince, this machine is built to last. What is impressive with this purchase is the 5-year limited warranty. Most small appliances, including coffee makers only offer 1-year or maybe 2-year warranties.

The Accu Brew feature on this drip coffee maker makes life easy and will give you consistent results according to your morning or later taste. The coffee maker is easy to use while still giving you the option of manually adjusting the settings. You have the best of both worlds for a brewed pot of coffee. If you want your coffee hot, this is the way to go.

The stainless steel 10-cup thermal carafe is a major plus. Thanks to the double-wall build it will ensure that the coffee remains hot and stay fresh for a long time.

Adding to the convenience of this drip coffee maker is that the brew basket and coffee system are easy to fill. It is double-walled for extra warmth. The machine has a removable water reservoir is an added benefit and has easy access. This coffee maker does not have an integrated water filter.

The removable parts are dishwasher safe and the design makes for easy filling.

Worst Things About The Wolf Coffee Maker

The first issue with the Wolf Gourmet automatic drip machine is the price. It is not a budget automatic drip coffee maker. Having said that, it is well made and designed to deliver many years of brewing pleasure. It is often a good idea to invest a bit more. For that, you will get a quality coffee system that will last you for many years.

You can also consider that the price is reflected in how long it will last. If you divide how much it costs by how long it will last, you’ll find that the Wolf Coffee System’s cost per year is roughly the same or even less than the cost per year of a budget coffee maker, but for that same price, you’re getting a much better cup of coffee.

Some find that the automatic drip coffee maker is somewhat noisy and makes quite a bit of steam.


Those who want a fresh pot of espresso or coffee in the morning, or any time of day for that matter, will enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of the Wolf Gourmet automatic drip coffee maker. The keep-warm function is a bonus.

The Accu Brew feature is excellent and makes the process of brewing your favorite cup a breeze. The automatic cleaning cycle is also a fantastic feature.

It is also handy that it has a fine-tuned heating element. This ensures the optimal temperature.

For an automatic drip coffee maker, the Wolf Gourmet Coffee System is about the best that you can get and we highly recommend it. The 5-year warranty alone is proof that the quality of this Wolf product is the same as their other high-quality small appliances and large appliances, and worthy of the name.

You can see the Wolf Coffee System here on Amazon again with the current price, any discounts and you don’t need an extended warranty unless one is offered beyond 5 years!

New Kitchen Life is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.


Who makes Wolf Gourmet products?

Wolf Gourmet products are a subsidiary of Sub-Zero Wolf. Sub-Zero Wolf is known for making world-famous high-end Sub-Zero refrigerators and high-end Wolf ranges and ovens. Each of these long-standing companies grew up in the United States as family brands for many years and eventually merged to form Sub-Zero Wolf.

Where are Wolf Products Made?

Wolf ovens, ranges, and other large appliances are made in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Wolf Gourmet small appliances, including the Wolf Coffee System, are made in China, and if they were made in the USA, they would probably even cost a lot more.

What Is the Story With the Red Knobs?

Wolf’s red knobs have become an iconic aspect of the brand from the red knobs on Wolf ovens and ranges. The red knobs make Wolf Appliances instantly recognizable by this signature element. They do offer black or stainless knobs if red knobs don’t appeal to you.

What comes with it?

  • Coffee Maker
  • Thermal Carafe with Lid
  • Starter Pack of Cone Filters (6)
  • Starter Pack of Water Filters (3)
  • Use & Care Guide


  • Width: 9 1/16″
  • Height: 14 3/8″
  • Depth: 10 53/64″
  • Weight: 13.56 Pounds
  • 120V~ 60 Hz 1500W

Comparing to Other Products

While the wolf gourmet automatic drip delivers a consistent taste for your favorite cup, there are other automatic drip coffee machines on the market that we recommend.

Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn Coffee makers have been around for a long time and you’ve probably seen them in any coffee shop or diner with the iconic commercial Bunn machine. They also make several really good coffee makers for the home and we review them here. Bunn Coffee makers are much less refined than the Wolf Gourmet Coffee System but they also cost a lot less.

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