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Can You List 13 Types Of Espresso Drinks Including Those Made With Milk?

Do you know how many types of espresso drinks there are?

It’s hard to name more than two or three straight espresso drinks, and when you add milk-based espresso drinks, maybe you can add to that a Latte and maybe a Cappuccino.

This list of espresso drinks, both straight and milk-based, including photos, thanks to Breville and based on drinks that can be made in their espresso machines (see our review of the Breville Barista Express here), naming them all will also give you a lesson in Italian vocabulary.

The first set of drinks are Espressos, simple straight shots of Espresso.

Can You List 13 Types Of Espresso Drinks Including Those Made With Milk? 1


Ristretto – Italian for “restricted” is a single shot of espresso but with only about half the water of a single espresso shot. The Barista Express does this by interrupting the extraction process after 15 seconds.


image of single espresso


Single Espresso – A single shot of espresso is also known as a “short black” and with the Barista Express you can have one 1 ounce shot in

about 20 seconds.


image of double espresso


Double Espresso – Also known as “double-shot”, the Barista Express will give you 2 ounces of espresso as quickly as 30 seconds.



image of macchiato


Macchiato – Macchiato is Italian for “marked”, as in a mark made with textured milk, about 2 teaspoons, on the surface of the single shot of espresso that you use to make this drink



image of Americano


Americano – Italian for “American”, this drink adds hot water to a double shot of espresso to fill up your glass and make the equivalent of a cup of coffee.



image of Breville coffee

Weak, Strong & Regular Coffee – Combine espresso with water to make a version of coffee with your Breville Barista Express to make coffee. To make a “weak” coffee, use 1/2 shot of espresso, for “strong” coffee, use 2 shots of espresso, 1 shot too for “regular” coffee and add hot water from your


The next group of drinks is all made with heated milk, from your steam wand. With practice, you’ll be able to swirl your milk perfectly into a creamy aerated texture to pour into each of these drinks and top off with artistic micro-foam.


image of Piccolo


Piccolo – Italian for “small”, the Piccolo is steamed milk added to a single espresso shot and topped with foam, which is similar to a latte but with noticeably less milk, so it’s stronger.



image of a latte


Latte– Italian for “milk” when used in a phrase like “caffè e latte” or coffee and milk, which is what it is, or more precisely, it is a shot of espresso combined with steamed milk. You could say that a latte is a Piccolo with about twice as much milk, but most people don’t know what a Piccolo is, while most do know what a Latte is.


image of caffe mocha


Caffe Mocha – Or “Macaccino” is a chocolate-flavored latte. It is flavored with cocoa powder or even liquified chocolate added to the espresso shot, then combined with steamed milk. Usually, a caffe mocha is topped with additional cholate, cocoa powder usually.


image of a flat white



Flat White – A espresso drink blended with steamed or foamed milk served with cup and saucer. A flat white has one shot of espresso like a latte does, but with less foamed milk to fit inside the smaller cup, so that the coffee to milk ratio is higher than in a latte.

image of cappuccino


Cappuccino – A espresso with foamed milk, often more foam than in a Latte, and not as much foamed milk, Cappuccinos originated in Italy and is said to have been named for the brown hoods of Friars Minor Capuchins according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. Cappuccinos are typically served in cups and saucers.


The next two drinks are desserts made with espresso from your Breville Barista Express.

image of iced coffee


Dessert Iced Coffee – To make one version of an iced coffee, start with a single or double espresso into a blender, then add cold milk (about 6 ounces), vanilla flavoring, and 1 scoop of ice cream and blend. Tweak it from there, combinations are just about infinite.


image of a dessert affogato


Coffee Affogato – Italian for “drowned”, affogato can be any liquid poured over food, to “drown” it. As a coffee dessert, pour 1 or 2 shots of espresso over ice cream, then garnish with nuts, or anything else.

Note – all coffee drink photos above, Credit: Breville USA

We hope you found this list helpful, if nothing else it’s a good test of skills to run by your local barista to see if they can make any of the more obscure drinks the next time you’re in your favorite coffee bar.


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