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What About The Frigidaire FGGF3058RF 30 Inch Convection Range And What Happened To The FGGF3054MF?



You may be looking for the FGGF3054MF and not realize that it was discontinued. Now what?

If you’re in a hurry, see the updated replacement model (the FGGF3058RF) with any discounts, rebates, latest pricing with a low price guarantee on here or in the Amazon store with latest prices and any discounts here. For more information about this range, just keep reading.


The Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Inch Range: Should I Buy It?

You may be looking for a new gas range but know that you don’t want or need a high end “pro-style” range, just something well made and easy to use.


Two Wolf 60 Inch Dual Fuel Ranges Reviewed

You’ve probably been looking at the Wolf dual fuel 60 inch ranges and wondering whether they’re worth the price.


Which Wolf 48 Inch Dual Fuel Range: DF486G Or DF484CG?

You may be looking for a 48 inch dual fuel electric oven and gas rangetop and wondering about Wolf.


The Wolf DF364G Dual Fuel 36 Inch Range

The Wolf Dual Fuel 36 Inch Range

Wolf makes three outstanding 36 inch dual fuel ranges. This article will focus on the 36 inch range with the infrared griddle (the DF364G).


Wolf 30 Inch Dual Fuel Range

This article will describe everything you need to know about the Wolf Dual Fuel DF304.