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De’Longhi Dinamica Plus – Is It Really De’Longhi’s Best Automatic Espresso Maker?

Do you want to skip having to learn of the complicated maneuvers to operate an espresso machine like they do in a Starbucks?

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus

Credit: De’Longhi

If you want a more or less hands-off super automatic espresso machine, then the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine may be a great choice for you. This review will help you to decide.

You can see the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus on Amazon now, with the current price, any discounts and optional extended warranty options.

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Use the table of contents below if you want to go to any specific part of this review, or just keep reading through it and you can also hide the table of contents if it gets in your way.

Quick Overview Of De’Longhi And The Dinamica Plus

De’Longhi is a global coffee, kitchen appliance, and home cooling-heating product company based in Italy and established in 1974.

De’Longhi has grown significantly over many years including its expansion into the US market in the mid-1980’s. In addition to De’Longhi brand products, the De’Longhi Group also owns familiar kitchen brands Braun and NutriBullet.

As an Italian company, espresso machines are a natural part of its product line with an assortment of manual and automatic espresso machines and coffee makers, including the Dinamica Plus.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus (model #ECAM37095TI) has an automatic milk frother, an insulated milk container, a colorful touch display, a downloadable app to control your machine from your smartphone, and a built-in stainless steel conical grinder, all of which is used to make your favorite espresso drink easily and pretty fast.

Here’s a summary of our Pros and Cons of Dinamica Plus. We’ll cover everything that’s important about it.

Pros – What was great about it?

  • Automatically makes 16 types of espresso, coffee, and other drinks
  • Downloadable app allows you to make drinks from your smartphone
  • Looks good in your kitchen
  • Easy access for cleaning components of the machine
  • Saves your preferred drinks for easy selection
  • Alerts remind you when to descale and clean components
  • Easy button choice of coffee strength, shot quantity, and favorite beverage
  • Up to 3 different user profiles
  • The insulated 16-ounce milk carafe can be easily removed to your refrigerator
  • Includes water filter and testing stip to determine your level of water hardness
  • De’Longhi 2 year warranty can be extended by 1 year by registering your machine

Cons – What was bad about it?

  • Some may not like how much plastic is used in the housing
  • No steam wand
  • It’s expensive

Full and Detailed Review of the Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The Dinamica Plus has a lot of features.

These include the size and appearance, the drip tray, the intuitive display, the app, the drip tray, the various espresso, coffee, and other drinks that you can make with a push of a button, including through the app, the pre ground coffee function, the washing feature, the water tank, the LatteCrema System, and the built-in grinder.

We detail them here and show you what they mean for you.

Size And Appearance

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI fits snugly in your kitchen. Unlike other bulky espresso machines, its maximum height is less than 14 inches and only about 16 inches from the drip tray to the back of the machine.

The bottom line is that it looks great in your kitchen and is relatively compact for what it can do for you.

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus in the kitchen

Credit: De’Longhi

The Drip Tray

The drip tray on which you fill your espresso or other drink is perforated with slats to drain any spilled coffee into the reservoir below so you will keep spills contained and not on your counter. The reservoir is easy to slide out, drain and clean when it fills up so you can keep your counters clean.

The Intuitive Display

This machine has a 3.5″ TFT full-touch color LCD display. The functions are pretty straightforward and once you use it, the Dinamica Plus allows you to save your favorite drinks to your profile so you can have the Dinamica Plus make them for you with a touch of a button on the display.

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Control Panel

Credit: De’Longhi

Other settings and displays are also found on the LCD display, like a one-touch choice of espresso or coffee strength, one or two shots, alerts for when it’s time to descale or clean your machine, and a link to connect the downloadable app to your smartphone.

Coffee Link App

Instead of directly pressing a button on your Dinamica Plus LCD display, you can download the De’Longhi app to your smartphone to make your favorite coffee or espresso drink and save it to your profile.

Order your favorite espresso or coffee without leaving your bed through the app.

The coffee link app allows you to select the pre-set espresso, coffee, and other drinks, make customized drinks, save them to your profile, ask for help, get tips and check out the manual.

Iced Coffee Feature

The iced coffee feature is the TrueBrew Over Ice function on LCD display. Select it to brew whatever coffee beans you’ve selected at your choice of strength and just have a glass full of ice waiting for the machine to pour you your drink in less than a minute.

The TrueBrew Over Ice feature is designed to optimize the flavor of iced coffee drinks by extracting and brewing at a lower temperature than when brewing hot coffee and it does a pretty good job.

Multiple Coffee Recipes

Espresso drinks can be complicated to make, which is why it’s great that the Dinamica Plus will make 16 different espresso and coffee drinks automatically.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus pre-programmed recipe uses the correct ratios of water, coffee, pressure to make the following drink functions: Espresso, Coffee, Long, Doppio Plus, Coffee Pot (up to 6 cups), TrueBew Over Ice and Hot Water (swap out the milk dispenser with the included hot water spout when using this function). Milk functions include: Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino Plus, CappucinoMix, Hot Milk, CaffeLatte, Flat White and Espresso Macchiato.

Simple Washing Routine

The machine is extremely convenient and is referred to as an automatic espresso machine for a variety of reasons, one of which is the automatic rinse cycle. The cycle begins as soon as you turn it off using the coffee link app.

All of the machine’s components like the brew unit, trays, or frother are easily detachable, allowing you to remove and wash them.

There is also a water filter in the machine and a cleaning brush, which will make your life a lot easier.

The Dinamica Plus is fantastic because it automatically removes coffee grounds and keeps itself clean without your intervention.

Pre-Ground Coffee

The Dinamica Plus has a pre-ground coffee bypass funnel inside the coffee bean container lid, next to the coffee bean container. This bypass allows you to add pre-ground coffee to the machine without putting it through the grinder, so it’s great for de-caffeinated pre-ground or other pre-ground coffee (be careful when using flavored blends though since oils in those blends will clog up your machine.

Note that you should use the included scoop and only use one scoop of coffee to add to the funnel. To use the bypass function, you just have to press the coffee strength button on the control panel until the icon with scoop full of pre-ground coffee appears. Then lift the pre-ground coffee bypass funnel lid and pour the pre-ground coffee into the funnel.

Water Tank

The water tank is large enough to hold enough water to fill the 60-ounce tank. That means you’ll be able to make 10 to 12 cups of coffee.

Did you know that the machine includes an automatic water filter? Yes, you no longer have to second-guess the quality of the Delonghi Dinamica plus.

There is also an efficient boiler within the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus to make sure you have hot water for your latte and you can easily pour it through the hot water spout without any spills.

LatteCrema System And Milk Frother

You need a milk frother for many espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. The Dinamica Plus milk frothing system is known as the LatteCrema System and is easily detachable from the machine so that you can store it in your refrigerator. The carafe in the LatteCrema System is a double-walled insulated carafe to keep your milk cool while connected to the machine.

Dinamica Plus LatteCrema System

Credit: De’Longhi

Furthermore, because of the fantastic double-walled insulation, you can even leave it on the counter to keep the milk cold for longer periods of time for your iced coffee.

If you want you can also swap out the crema system for a hot water spout to dispense hot water for tea or an Americano or even flat white. The choice is yours.

A Built-In Grinder

Nothing beats freshly ground coffee and the aroma of freshly ground coffee grounds. Many espresso machines require you to use already ground coffee, but the Dinamica Plus allows you to grind it fresh in front of your eyes.

The Burr Conical Grinder saves space that a traditional grinder would take up and brews fresh, whole beans of coffee for you providing you with decadent flavors.

Furthermore, you can keep your beans in the hopper at the top of the grinder. You won’t have to refill it every time you want a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning.

This automated Dinamica Plus has a total of 13 settings (7 are numbered but each has a half-setting). The storage capacity is far greater than that of other standard espresso machines. You can also choose your preferred coffee extraction method in the settings.

Because the grinder is made of steel, it is also durable and long-lasting. Unlike other espresso machines, you will not damage the grinder as a result of repeated use.

It’s also fairly quiet. Even if you need coffee at midnight, you don’t have to be concerned about the noise! There will be no more roaring grinders in your kitchen, disturbing the entire family. You can even save some time by using the coffee link app instead of standing beside the Dinamica Plus as it prepares your coffee. You can just grab a cup of coffee and unwind.

What Comes With It?

Included in the box with the machine itself is a quick start guide, an instruction manual, a water hardness testing strip (taped inside the instruction manual), a coffee scoop to use with when pouring pre-ground coffee into the bypass funnel, a water filter, descaling solution and a cleaning brush.

Things That Could Be Improved

Everything that is good also has some drawbacks. These will help you to decide whether they are major or minor drawbacks in deciding whether to buy a Dinamica Plus.

Body Is Plastic

It’s no surprise that the Dinamica Plus is well-known for its plastic housing. Although the essential components are made of steel to provide a seamless experience, environmentally conscious customers are often turned off by the plastic body.

Despite providing brilliance in the form of iced coffee and the Dinamica coffee link app, it frequently serves as a deal-breaker for them, and they tend to purchase other machines such as Jura or Gaggia models to brew their coffee for them. You can see our review of the best Jura and Gaggia models in our review of the Best Automatic Espresso Machines here.

It’s Expensive

We all have a budget, and spending our hard-earned money isn’t always the most pleasurable experience. The Dinamica Plus does have outstanding features and a modern compact design. However, it is on the pricey side, and many people cannot afford it.

As a result, they resort to less expensive competitor brands and prefer to purchase them. Features such as a milk carafe and milk frothing on tasty iced coffee are sometimes insufficient to overcome customers’ budget constraints.

There is a way to justify the purchase price though. Beyond the value of the Dinamica Plus by its features and what it can do for you in the kitchen, a simple calculation can make you come out ahead. Divide the purchase price of the Dinamica Plus by the price of your”go to” espresso drink at your favorite coffee shop, say $5 per drink and rising, you can do it on your smartphone calculator, and that number is how many drinks it will take to pay for itself.

Customer Reviews

Many users appreciate the convenience and ease of use. They don’t have to bother making coffee when they can simply use the app to enjoy coffee with milk froth all over it.

The majority of them are pleased with the Dinamica Plus’s easy maintenance because the brew unit, trays, and other components are detachable and easily washable.

On the negative side, some customers complained that the water was not as hot as they preferred for their coffee.

Some have even claimed that the coffee stops pouring from the coffee spout at times and drips all over the place (they probably need to set the grinder to a finer grinding level – see the Frequently Asked Questions below).


The Dinamica Plus is a highly automated super automatic espresso machine that makes 16 different espresso, coffee and other drinks, save them to your profile, and let you control them all from an app.

If you enjoy coffee and have some extra cash to spend, the Dinamica Plus is a great choice if you value an automated machine that doesn’t require you to train turning levers as you would with a manual machine.

If you add up how much you spend at your favorite coffee shop in a year or so, you’d probably discover that you could have bought a Dinamica Plus instead for about the same price, and without leaving the house.

See the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus here again on Amazon, with the latest price, any discounts, and the extended warranty options.

New Kitchen Life is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s shed some light on the frequent questions that pop up in the minds of potential buyers about this product.

Should I Buy an extended warranty?

De’Longhi provides a 2 year warranty standard, but by registering your Dinamica Plus with De’Longhi, you can get an extra year of warranty coverage.

Extended warranties usually go up to 4 years, so you may be able to extend your 1 year extension another year with a third party extended warranty and it may be worth doing depending on the extended warranty price. Check it again here on Amazon.

Is the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus worth it?

Overall, the Dinamica Plus is a fantastic coffee brewing product that provides excellent value for money.

You can make coffee from the comfort of your bed, easily wash the removable brew unit and other parts, it even has regular wash cycles that automatically rinse the machine when you turn it off, and the variety of coffee recipes is incredible.

Its features, such as the crema system and the milk carafe set it apart and provide you with an excellent coffee experience. You will not regret buying this product for your kitchen and fulfilling your coffee dreams.

How long do De’Longhi coffee machines last?

The Dinamica Plus is a long-lasting product. It is expected to last between five and eight years, making it a fantastic investment. However, it necessitates regular maintenance of the components as well as proper usage.

The problem is unlikely to arise if the user is cautious and follows the instructions in the manual.

These machines are simple to use and allow for simple regular wash cycles rather than complex time-consuming ones.

Is De’Longhi a good coffee machine?

De’Longhi’s Dinamica Plus is an excellent coffee brewing machine. It provides convenience, modern design, features, and delicious coffee whenever and wherever you want it.

It will handle everything for you, from grinding the beans to pouring the coffee into a cup. The best part is that the screen remembers all of your coffee preferences. All you have to do is tap on it to start it.

It perfectly defines the term “automatic” and offers users the best, from transforming into a milk carafe that can be stored in your fridge to removable parts for ease of washing. All of these features combine to make the Dinamica Plus an excellent candidate for a great coffee brewer to give you delicious coffee with the perfect milk frothing on top.

Who should buy it and who shouldn’t?

If you enjoy tea and coffee but dislike the work that comes with it, this Dinamica Plus is ideal for your kitchen. It fits in nicely without taking up too much room.

Furthermore, if you are someone who wants more variety and features, the Dinamica is the perfect choice for you.

However, if you are on a tight budget, you should look into less expensive options with fewer features like the milk carafe or large water container.

Environmentally conscious people shouldn’t consider purchasing it because the body is made of plastic. Therefore, appreciating the machine becomes difficult for them.

Is the Dinamica loud?

The machine doesn’t count as a noisy one. The grinder makes the same sound like the standard burr grinder and offers convenience. It will not disturb anyone in the house, including you.

However, this also depends on your tolerance level when it comes to noise and which product you have used in the past.

Other than that, the Dinamica will offer you great service and when guests come over, you can even make ten to twelve delicious cups of your preferred coffee recipe.

How do I clean the Dinamica?

Yes, it is an automatic machine, but it still requires maintenance and basic cleaning procedures like washing after you use it.

Keep a towel with you to wipe the steam pipe and use steam to clean it and get rid of bacteria and germs.

For the frother and crema, you can select the rinse option so it cleanses the component automatically.

Use the dishwasher for the cup and the tray as they are detachable.

Cleaning the brew unit is a bit tricky. You can’t do it without care. you have to switch off the machine, unplug it, and rinse it with your hands.

I can only find 7 settings on the conical grinder, but I thought there are 13?

The 7 settings include half intervals, 13 settings in all

What’s the best way to adjust the integrated conical burr grinder?

To increase the strength of your espresso or coffee decrease the grinder dial toward 1 and away from the 7 and to decrease the strength, increase it away from 1 and toward the 7. You can find the grinder dial inside the coffee bean hopper. Choose a beverage to start the automated grinder, then either decrease or increase the dial only by one notch while the beans are grinding. You may need to leave this new grinder dial setting in place for a few beverages before the new setting takes effect.

How do you know if you need to increase or decrease the strength of your coffee and espresso?

Normal strength espresso flows like honey and is nut-brown. This normal strength espresso is also known as normally extracted.

If your espresso flows like water, though, and is a light or pale color, it is likely under-extracted.  This means that you need to increase the strength of your coffee by selecting a finer grind (see the question above about the best way to adjust the integrated conical burr grinder).

If your espresso is only pouring in drips and is very dark in color, it is over-extracted. To fix it, you need to decrease the strength of your coffee by adjusting the conical burr grinder to a coarser setting (see the question above).

Where is the water hardness strip, I can’t find it in the box?

The water hardness testing strip is taped inside the instruction manual, just thumb through it and you’ll find it.

Comparing De’Longhi Dinamica to Other Products

It’s time to conduct a competitive analysis to ensure that you rust the product before bringing it home. You will notice numerous similarities between the Dinamica Plus and other products; however, your opinion is about to change! Let’s take a closer look at it.

De’Longhi Magnifica

The De’Longhi Magnifica is a much less expensive machine than the Dinamica Plus. In the spirit of “you get what you pay for”, the Magnifica has fewer features and systems than the Dinamica Plus, but if you want a lower cost automatic De’Longhi espresso machine you might consider the Magnifica and you can see our separate review of the Magnifica here.

The Magnifica has no water filter and no automated drink options. You can still make your espresso or coffee with buttons on the Magnifica, but there are no pre-set options for specific drinks or separate profiles like the Dinamica Plus has. The Magnifica also doesn’t have an LCD control panel or an app connection.

De’Longhi Dinamica

Basically a very similar but slightly less automated version of the Dinamica Plus and it doesn’t have a dual broiler like the Dinamica Plus has. So, if you’re making multiple drinks types, the Dinamica takes longer to make them since you have to wait for the single broiler to adjust to different temperatures.

The De’Longhi Dinamica has many of the same components, the same grinder settings, but is also less expensive than the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus.

You can see our detailed review of the De’Longhi Dinamica here.

If you don’t really care about the app, or one touch menu options of your favorite drinks and saving them to your profile, then the regular De’Longhi Dinamica may be a good choice for you.

Phillips 3200 Machine

Phillips does provide less variety, with only 6 pre-programmed coffee drink options (you can see our review of the Phillips 3200 – two versions – in our review of the Best Automatic Espresso Machines here).

However, it also has a TFT display setting that allows you to customize the coffee settings. With its TFT display setting, its LatteGo system also assists you in creating specialty drinks.

These features can be useful if you’re looking for a much less expensive option than the Dinamica.

However, the features and variety are less than those of the Dinamica, so give it some thought.

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